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WhatsApp Integration

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Developing and maintaining your customers is a crucial factor in prospering and succeeding in your business. The best way to do it is by using CRM software that fosters your relationship with your customers. What about integrating CRM with social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and so on? 

Let us start with CRM WhatsApp integration, as WhatsApp has much more personal touch than any other social media channels. Surprisingly, you can now integrate CRM with WhatsApp and send marketing campaigns to your customers at any time. Astonishingly, InfinityHub’s CRM product, CRM HUB 360, has WhatsApp integration feature that will surely take your business to new heights.
Are you curious to discover more about WhatsApp integration? Then, this blog is especially for you. Go ahead and cherish your time reading!
Whatsapp Integration

What is WhatsApp CRM Integration?

The integration of CRM with the WhatsApp Business API to manage customer relationships by communicating and interacting with customers is called WhatsApp CRM integration.
The first thing that you should analyze before integrating CRM with WhatsApp is understanding the various kinds of WhatsApp Business Accounts and their supported CRMs for integration.
There are two different versions of WhatsApp that are available for business purposes:

1. WhatsApp Business App: It is free and perfect for small businesses.

2. WhatsApp Business API: It is a paid version of business WhatsApp and suitable for large businesses.

Various Kinds of WhatsApp Integration

There are three main types of WhatsApp integration. They are:
Types of WhatsApp Integration

Native Integration

Native integration takes place directly between WhatsApp and CRM software and is usually evolved and maintained by the CRM providers. This kind of integration gives a seamless experience to the users and does not cost much for businesspeople.

Third-Party Integration

In this type of integration, the integration process will be carried out by external service providers. These integrations have more benefits, as they have more advanced features and customized options than the native integrated CRMs.

WhatsApp Cloud API

WhatsApp Cloud API is specially modeled for medium and large enterprises to communicate and interact with customers using Meta’s cloud-hosted version. Comparatively, this kind of integration is easier for implementation and maintenance.

Benefits of WhatsApp CRM Integration

By integrating WhatsApp with CRM software, you offer your customers an excellent experience and make it simple for your sales team to handle communication and proceed with the sales process.
Here is a list of the benefits that WhatsApp CRM integration can offer your business:
Benefits of WhatsApp CRM Integration

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Almost everyone in this world has a WhatsApp account that they use to communicate with their family members and friends. Using it as a medium to communicate with your customers is surely a good decision, as it can expand your business and enhance your customers’ engagement.
Customized Messaging
A study says that 64% of people feel that WhatsApp helps in building customized connections with businesses and companies. By sending relevant and personalized texts to your customers, you can build communication and trust with them.

Improved Interactions

WhatsApp with CRM can streamline communication by collecting and consolidating customer interactions. It also captures WhatsApp messages and related data to enable your sales staff to get a thorough understanding of your customers’ interactions and their needs.

Automated Workflows

By integrating CRM with WhatsApp, you can automate WhatsApp messaging tasks and workflows. CRM Software with WhatsApp integration can automatically respond to frequently asked questions if you have priorly set it, thus reducing the response time and enhancing your customers’ experience.

How do you Integrate WhatsApp into your CRM System?

Here is a list of a few simple steps to integrate WhatsApp into your CRM system:

CRM with WhatsApp Integration

Select the right CRM Software: Choose CRM software that offers flawless integration potential and has all-inclusive features that can completely manage your WhatsApp interactions.

Establish WhatsApp Business API: To establish the WhatsApp Business Platform, register your business, set up the required structure, and obtain the needed authorizations and approvals.

Determine your Communication Workflows: You should determine your communication workflows and tasks to set up automated responses or chatbots to reply to frequently asked questions.

Coach your Team: Train your team with the features and procedures of the CRM-integrated WhatsApp and help them understand the best way to effectively connect and communicate with your customers.

Observe and Analyze the Performance: Observe and analyze the performance of your WhatsApp integration by monitoring response times, conversion rates, and customers’ satisfaction ratings.

Why Integrate WhatsApp with your CRM?

Contacting your customers through reachable platforms and not taking much of their time can create connections and engagement. That is why it is essential for businesses to use instant messaging apps like WhatsApp to build up communication and engagement with their customers. Reaching your customers through WhatsApp can have a great impact on them, as it is a personal communication application that your customers use in their day-to-day lives.
To get noticed by customers, you need to be a part of their lives, and the best way to do it is to send them your business’s marketing and promotional campaigns to get their attention to your product and business. It is only possible when you reach them through mediums like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and such messaging channels. Hence, integrating WhatsApp with your CRM system is worth implementing in your business for its reach, growth, and success.

Streamline your CRM mix with WhatsApp

Here are a few ways your communication with your customers gets streamlined with WhatsApp CRM integration:
WhatsApp Business Integration
  • Combine all customer interactions in one centralized location
  • Track customer interactions
  • Improve response times
  • Obtain better data management and analysis
  • Track and monitor customer behavior, preferences, and trends
  • Gain valuable insights to drive growth

CRM HUB 360's WhatsApp CRM Integration

You can now integrate your business WhatsApp API with CRM HUB 360 and customize your customers’ experience through personalized messages and responses. CRM HUB 360’s WhatsApp Marketing feature can integrate and manage your customers’ contacts and effortlessly share sales and marketing deals with your customers to enhance their engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few benefits that your business can get from integrating CRM with WhatsApp:

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement
  • Customized Messaging
  • Improved Interactions
  • Automated Workflows
  1. CRM HUB 360
  2. Zendesk CRM
  3. HubSpot CRM
  4. Zoho CRM
  5. Salesforce CRM
  6. Freshsales CRM
  7. Pipedrive CRM

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