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How To Get More Sales From SMS Marketing?

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In this tech-driven world, we often stick to smart gadgets and spend a lot of time on them. A census says that the average person spends 3-4 hours a day using their mobile phones. As a businessperson, never miss out on a single channel that helps you reach your customers, because you may not know the impact of every single attempt that you make. Why always use social media marketing, email marketing, or content marketing? Try SMS marketing, too. Do you need the help of an application to do SMS marketing? Here is our CRM HUB 360, with incomparable SMS marketing features and options. This blog is to give you a clear idea of SMS marketing and its strategies. Without much chit-chat, let’s delve into the topic.
SMS Marketing

What is SMS Marketing?

Who said digital marketing needs an internet connection for its survival? It is not true in the case of SMS marketing. SMS marketing can instantly reach your customers and build strong customer relationships without an internet connection. You can easily send promotional and marketing text messages to your customers who have chosen to get them, at any time without the help of the internet. In SMS marketing strategy, the internet connection can never be an enemy, as it does not determine your relationship with your customers.

Is SMS Marketing Right for You?

To answer this question, let’s take email marketing for instance, and compare it to SMS marketing. The conversion rate for SMS marketing is higher compared to email marketing. SMS marketing has an average conversion rate of 29%, while email marketing has an average of 15.2%. Hence, you can never be sure of the impact that any medium can have on your business, so implementing SMS marketing in your business can never be a wrong decision.
SMS Marketing Ideas
Apart from this, SMS marketing is also cost-effective compared to other marketing methods. As it can increase your Return On Investment, executing SMS marketing for your business is a brilliant move.
However, you must check the following two things before executing SMS marketing in your business:
  1. Does your business want to create engagement with customers who are already interested in your products?
  2. Do you want to increase customer retention and conversion rates?
If the answer is yes, then SMS marketing is right for your brand awareness and business growth.

Benefits of an SMS Marketing Strategy

Here are a few benefits of implementing an SMS marketing strategy:
SMS Marketing Strategy
1. Affordable Price

Comparatively, SMS marketing is the most affordable and has a greater impact on customers. SMS Marketing also increases ROIs, which is a boon to your business growth.

2. Direct Interaction
By implementing SMS marketing in your business, you can develop direct communication with your customers. You can even personalize and send texts in a timely manner.
3. Elevation in Response Rate
The chances of response from customers are high in SMS marketing because there are still 45% of recipients who have the habit of responding to text messages.
4. Tracking Results Becomes Easier
In SMS marketing, you need not doubt or question the result of your attempt, as you can easily find it out yourself when you get the desired response from your recipients.
5. It Is Easy To Reach Your Target Audience
In SMS marketing, the probability of reaching your target customers is high, as you will be sending text messages to a bunch of people, and among them must be your target audience’s presence.

How to Use SMS Marketing?

Tactful use is what makes a product worth buying. Likewise, knowing how to use SMS marketing prior to implementing it in business is essential. Here are a few steps for efficient use of SMS marketing:
How to Use SMS Marketing
Construct a List of Subscribers
Here are a few tips to grow your SMS subscriber’s count:
  • SMS Opt-in Consent: Try to get your customers to opt-in, which is their clear consent to receive your promotional messages.
  • Send Quality Texts: Instead of sticking to the quantity of your SMS, focus on quality text production.
  • Gamified Messages: Send gamified messages like Fortune Wheel or Lucky Spin to get your customers’ attention.
  • Stay Informed about Marketing Regulations: Keep on updating your SMS marketing team with the latest SMS marketing regulations and requirements.
  • Text to Join Option: Add the “Text to Join” option to every text to increase your subscriber’s count.
Use an SMS Marketing App
Instead of spending your team’s productive time sending text messages, hand over the stress to an SMS marketing app, which refines your text marketing plans into effective strategies. With an SMS marketing app, you can also automate your messages and send them at a particular time.
Create Your Own Exclusive SMS Campaigns
  • To create a successful SMS campaign, follow the below tips:
  • Focus on creating compelling and informative texts.
  • Never make grammar mistakes.
  • Do not use unpopular abbreviations, as it could lead to unwanted confusion and distractions.
  • Create engaging text messages to grab your customers’ attention.
Determine the Right Time
Research to decide on the right time to send the messages, as it ensures your customers’ response to them. Ensure your customers are enjoying your texts rather than being annoyed by compelling messages.

How To Get The Best Of SMS Marketing?

Here Are A Few Steps to Get the Most Out of SMS Marketing:
Best SMS Marketing
1. Send Short and Impactful Texts
The average person’s attention spans only 8.25 seconds. So, you must stick to sending short and concise text messages rather than long and boring ones to increase the probability of being noticed by your target customers. Text messages have a character limit of 160 characters, so using impactful yet short messages is essential.
2. Use Keywords for Opt-Ins
To gain the trust of your customers, you should try to increase opt-ins. One of the best ways to ensure the success of your SMS marketing campaigns is to increase the rate of opt-ins. Adding keywords to opt-ins is wise, as it can create a sense of commitment in your customers.
3. Send Exclusive Deals and Offers Via Text
Sending exclusive deals and offers straight to your customers’ mobile phones can have an immense impact, which you may not know now. Creating compelling, personal, and attractive offers and SMS campaigns that match your customers’ preferences is essential to making it happen.
4. Establish Automated Drip Campaigns Via Text
Automated drip messages refer to a series of text messages that can be sent to your customers at frequent intervals. This automated drip campaign helps you stay connected with your customers and update them on your latest upgrades.
5. Activate Live Agent Notifications
Activativate live agent notifications to know the effect of your SMS campaigns, as it notifies you when a customer purchases a product or subscribes to your services. This activation can also help you ensure that your customers are getting up-to-date information about your products and services.
6. Conduct a Sweepstakes Contest
Conduct a sweepstakes contest and offer attractive prizes that can entice your customers to participate in the contest.
7. Collect Feedback and Opinions
You need to hear from others to know your flaws. Likewise, you should often collect feedback and opinions during sessions or through activities to know about your best and worst.
8. Use a Call-To-Action Option
Never forget to add a call-to-action key to all your SMS campaigns to make your customers take the next step.
Utilizing all the mediums to reach your customers is the best way to get the desired outcome and advancement. So, start to plan now and soon implement SMS marketing to take your business to the next level.
Why not try our software product, CRM HUB 360, an all-inclusive software? It has exceptional SMS marketing features, that make your job easier by connecting and engaging with your target audience and leveling up your business.

Frequently Asked Questions?

SMS marketing refers to a marketing strategy in which a businessperson sends promotional SMS campaigns to a wide range of customers to promote their brand and products.

The probability of reaching your customer and getting their attention towards your business is high. So, implementing SMS marketing in your business can be a clever move. Here are a few benefits that your business can get from SMS marketing:

  • Tracking results becomes easier.
  • Elevation in response rate
  • Easy to reach your target audience.

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